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Extended Services

Beyond News, Social Media, and Thought Leadership packages, TECHMarket offers the following stand-alone or expanded services:

  • Company and product launches
  • Content generation
  • Industry event support
  • Live social media support
  • Research and reporting

Company and product launches

TECHMarket will work with your company to determine the best strategy and game plan for company or product launches, taking into consideration your product timetable, events in the marketplace, the competitive ecosystem and your resources. We will work closely with you to develop news releases and supporting content; outreach to the media; syndicate to press, bloggers and market analysts; give your executives a voice with thought leadership commentary; and amplify your news through our social media program.

Content generation

Presenting your ideas and accomplishments well is essential to getting you included in market conversations. You already know this because you work hard on your slide shows and your public speaking scripts to make sure they present you as well as can be done. The same is true of your content that is going to reporters, bloggers, influencers and market analysts for publishing. This includes customer case studies, white papers, e-books, executive commentaries and blogs. To get this right requires professional writers, a skill that is seldom found in most companies and one that we provide at TECHMarket. Make sure your information is compelling and presented clearly by using the resources that have been perfecting the art for years.

TECHMarket also uniquely taps into existing content in your marketing engine and coaches you to re-purpose, recycle or simply just refresh that content to get broader brand awareness for your company. Many resources go into producing any single piece of content, so TECHMarket looks at the opportunity to get the most out of each content asset by optimizing the content for multiple channels, reusing the content in new forms and extending the life of that content for as long as possible.

Industry event support

TECHMarket will work with your company to support industry tradeshows and user conferences. Depending on your needs, we can promote your sponsored event to the media; support your participation in industry events; schedule and host press and market analyst meetings at the events; and provide live reporting and photo publishing via social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Live social media support

TECHMarket will work with your company to promote your event via social media, starting one to two months in advance and increasing the promotion as the event nears. We will then live-publish news, sessions and photos to Twitter and Facebook while monitoring for inquiries and sentiment throughout the event. For webinars, we will promote the event through Twitter and Facebook starting one month in advance; prepare posts from webinar presentation materials; live Tweet the event; and monitor for inquiries and sentiment throughout the event.

Research and reporting

TECHMarket offers comprehensive research and reporting services beyond the base levels offered in service packages. Extended research services are often required independent of a launch or campaign when a company is exploring a news product category or its competitive market. Extended reporting is often required for annual marketing plans, board meetings, or preparation for M&A or IPO.