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Thought Leadership

As the premier offering, the Thought Leadership Package adds comprehensive content strategy and content generation services to extend your voice through commentary and guest column publishing:

  • Planning and Strategy
  • News Releases
  • Proactive PR
  • Syndication
  • Social Media
  • Thought Leadership

Planning and Strategy

Regardless of your company’s business planning and strategy acumen, it is unusual to find accomplished communication planning and strategy expertise inside a company. This is a highly refined skill set in vision, market perception, strategy, tactics, timing and channels that TECHMarket brings to the table to fully complement your market domain and product expertise.

Through an exchange of information and ideas, we collaborate to form an annual plan with quarterly campaigns and execute against short-term monthly game plans with weekly updates. We consider product and event roadmaps, market trends and conditions, target audiences and the competitive landscape in our planning cycles to optimize market impact.

News Releases

As traditional as news releases seem, they are universally the most recognized instruments of the public relations profession. They serve a valuable purpose in formalizing your announcements and being a fundamental core of your messaging strategy. You need to create a regular drumbeat of news releases to keep your company on the radar of the media, as well as the market at large. On one hand, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but more importantly, being relevant means being heard. Some believe a news release is simple and easy to do. It’s not. If you want your news release to be noticed, taken seriously and represent you as an industry leader, it has to be well constructed in the proper manner and present your company just the right way.

Our highly skilled writers source and write your news releases with considerations for SEO and media appeal. Once approved, our account teams will present your news to the media in advance to allow them to prepare the news for publishing at the time of your announcement. We handle commercial wire service broadcasting and distribute personally to a broader range of targeted media for your news, as well as self-publish directly to industry portals.

Proactive PR and Syndication

Many companies squander the value of their news and ideas because they don’t have the media contacts or the skills to successfully present their news and get it published. Having compelling news and insights is critical, but if your stories are not packaged correctly and presented well, the media may ignore or misrepresent your company. Our experienced account teams will present your stories to selected reporters, bloggers, influencers and market analysts so they can write your stories. We will also self-publish to selected industry portals where possible.

Our goal is to help you build relationships with the media, providing opportunities for in-person meetings and phone briefings to secure media-written articles that include your company. Our media outreach specialists are the kind of sales people that get your articles placed in the best possible places to make your company visible. Your goals are serviced best when your clients and prospects read news about your company in the publications and information sources that they frequent.

Social Media

Social media is a broadcast communication channel with the power to tell the world that you have something to say. Considered one of the fastest growing and most responsive brand awareness channels, social media is becoming the hottest ticket in search (SEO) because of the heightened opportunity for discovery. Even people who don’t participate in social media are affected by this viral phenomenon. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of raising brand awareness of all your activities, leading readers to more information about your company and driving website traffic.

To amplify your brand for increased discoverability, TECHMarket will set up and activate your social media efforts. We got an early jump on social media, and through hands-on experience, it is fully integrated with our entire communications program. We focus predominantly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social media networks but can extend services to Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, SlideShare, etc. as relevant to your business. Our experienced team broadcasts throughout the 24/7 global clock and monitors throughout the business day to maintain a real-time pulse on your market as well as engage and manage interactions in a timely fashion with followers and fans on your brand’s behalf.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the pinnacle of brand awareness that goes beyond just what your company is selling to expose and promote your original thoughts. Your company and its spokespeople should be seen in your market as visionaries and commentators on market events as well as the source of fresh ideas and defining strategies. There is an art to pulling this off that must be planned and executed methodically in order to establish credibility in your market.

TECHMarket can establish your company as a thought leader by presenting your spokespeople as knowledgeable and insightful sources of commentary. This will engage your company in more press discussions and increase your visibility in your market. Our skilled account team will collaborate with you to formulate a content strategy based on market trends and business objectives, present your perspectives to the media, broker opportunities for guest columns, and facilitate the authoring and publishing of contributed articles. We will also monitor a range of media outlets to identify opportunities for your company to comment on articles written by others in your market. We will assist you in writing comments, responsive blogs or thought-provoking commentaries that educate, engage, inspire and entertain.