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Brand Awareness


Brand Awareness Explained

Brand awareness through public relations is a mystery to many, but it need not be. It’s the art of marketing and selling to influencers versus the science of marketing and selling directly to prospects. To demystify , you can draw some simple parallels to an integrated marketing communications program:

  • Planning: Like marketing, public relations planning entails evaluating company assets, competitive landscape and market opportunities, then mapping them to public relations tactics, and finally, packaging a strategic game plan and timetable to meet objectives and optimize market impact.
  • Products: News releases are the most well-known public relations product, but many marketing content assets, such as executive commentaries and blogs, case studies, e-books and videos, can be developed as part of a content strategy and leveraged for public relations campaigns.
  • Distribution: Content syndication, social media publishing and thought leadership are marketing channels and programs used by public relations to extend the reach of your campaigns to media influencers.
  • Sales: Like your sales force, press and analyst outreach specialists will call upon reporters, bloggers, influencers, and market analysts to drive your brand awareness into the market.

By consistently planning and executing an integrated communications program, you can be assured of reliably informing virtually all constituencies across virtually all channels, and in doing so, optimize brand discovery and grow sustainable market leadership.

Branding by TECHMarket

TECHMarket advocates an integrated communications program that ensures your brand is consistently promoted across all channels, to all constituencies. To reliably reach your audiences, TECHMarket orchestrates several complementary disciplines, including:

  • Strategy and planning – We assess the assets and market opportunities to create viable campaigns.
  • Proactive PR – We pitch press and analysts for briefings and coverage.
  • Content  – We write news releases, commentaries, contributed articles, social media posts and other content assets.
  • Content syndication – We broadcast news via wire services and personalized direct mail.
  • Byline article placements – We secure commitments from editors to publish your articles.
  • Self-publishing – We post articles directly to online publications.
  • Blog posting – We publish blogs directly to your website and to third-party sites.
  • Social media – We publish social media posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, and monitor activity.
  • Multi-media publishing – We publish slideshows and videos to SlideShare and YouTube.