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eWEEK – On the Verge of Mobile Mayhem: Is BYOD All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

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By Michael Pastore

August 2, 2013

The use of personal smartphones for business is ubiquitous, and at this point there’s no turning back. Given the obvious security risks, some businesses have instituted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that allows employees to use the personal device they are familiar with for work and removes the business from the task of buying and updating a fleet of mobile devices.

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MSPmentor – How MSPs Can Monetize Mobile Device Management Effectively


June 7, 2013

By Vijay Saradhi

Mobile device management is growing among businesses with bring-your-own-device policies in place. But the benefits of BYOD also come with headaches. Here’s how MSPs can help customers secure devices and data while at the same time adding to their own profitability.

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APMdigest – Interop 2013: Major Updates to Four ManageEngine Apps Empower Companies to Become Real-Time IT Organizations

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May 6, 2013

ManageEngine will launch major product updates at Interop 2013. Taken together, the upgraded products help companies build real-time IT organizations by optimizing IT departments responsiveness and overall management of both their latest technologies and more established systems and resources.

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Computerworld – Three’s a cloud


April 9, 2013

By Joe Lipscombe

There are many circumstances that can arise with the result of your data falling into the hands of a third-party provider, such as vendor acquisitions, mergers, or outsourcing toSaaS. The risks surrounding data in theA cloudA will rise and fall significantly if your business is not on top of the regulations regarding data ownership.

It is vital for your business to be fully aware of the potential risks, and also what the possibilities are of a third party becoming involved and perhaps withholding your data.

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ConnectWorld – Making the most of BYOD


April 2013

by Raj Sabhlok

Enterprise IT is entering the era of ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), whether it likes it or not. A 2012 Forrester Research report found that 54 per cent of North American and European firms have deployed BYOD programs for smartphones and tablets. Indeed, Forrester claims that “mobile is the new face of engagement”, predicting 200 million employees will bring their own devices into the enterprise by 2016.

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