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Marketing Land – Social Media Scheduling: Why I Use Buffer And Hootsuite In Tandem





January 22, 2016



Hootsuite, Buffer or something else entirely? What tool works best for your social marketing needs? Columnist Mark Traphagen explains why you may want to use more than one to schedule posts. 

While there are many tools for pre-scheduling social media posts, ranging from free-but-simple to expensive-and-complex, two tools that have emerged as favorites for small to medium-sized businesses on a budget are Hootsuite and Buffer.

In this column, I’m going to show you why you might want to use both, or at least use more than one post-scheduling tool of any brand, for scheduling your social media posts.

Why Two Are Better Than One For Scheduling

The primary difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is the scope of each tool. Hootsuite is a full-featured social media management dashboard (that includes a post scheduler), while Buffer concentrates on just pre-scheduling content.

So if both tools can schedule social media posts in advance, why would you need both of them?

At Stone Temple Consulting (my employer), we’ve found that using both tools allows us to dual-purpose our content scheduling. To be more precise, we do two kinds of social post scheduling, and using two tools lets us segregate those use cases.

In a moment, you’ll understand why we couldn’t do what we do in one tool, at least not efficiently.

(Note: Obviously, there are other tools out there that do social post scheduling. I’m using Buffer and Hootsuite as examples here of this workflow scheme, but you should be able to adapt the principles to whatever tools you use.)

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NetworkWorld – 10 Tools That Will Make You a Social Media Guru

October 27, 2014

By Paul Mah

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.25.32 PM

Do you aspire to be a social media guru but find yourself befuddled by the large number of social media tools available? Here we help you narrow the options for managing your social media accounts by identifying 10 of the best online tools. All are either free or available for a reasonable subscription fee that any individual or a small business can afford.


Bitly, probably the best-known UR- shortening service around, helps keep the links that you post on your social media accounts neat and tidy. Under the hood, the service features real-time analytics so you can track actual clicks. More importantly, the service supports the use of one custom domain name for free and implements all the necessary logic. You can brand your shortened URL the same way the big-time players do, like (The New York Times) and (The Economist).


Buffer ranks among the most popular social media message scheduling service available. You can share content and schedule posts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages with a single click. The service makes it possible to stagger content throughout the day, constantly populating your social media feeds with new updates. Buffer also offers analytics about the reach of your posts and makes it easy to re-post popular content.


Hootsuite is an advanced social media management dashboard designed to help organizations or power users manage multiple social media accounts. The online service works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages and other popular social networks. It offers a comprehensive range of reports that let you gain greater insights into ongoing social campaigns. Hootsuite starts off as a free service for individuals; various subscription tiers are available for power or business users.

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MarketingThink – Mirror Mirror On The Wall, How Can I Fix My Social Branding?



January 9, 2014

By  Gerry Moran

Disney Parks Unveils New Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

“Mirror mirror on the wall, do I have the scariest, or least most impressive, social media branding of all?” Does this self-inquisition sound like it fits your personal social branding? It’s the beginning of the year, so it’s time to look into YOUR virtual mirror and recognize your true brand colors on social media. So, Google yourself and see if you are living in a fairytale when it comes to the strength of your brand.

With 89% of all people starting their buying process with search, you need to deliver content, graphics and messaging to help your brand instead of hurting it. You do not want to take one step forward with your career and two steps back with social media.

10 Steps To Fix Your Social Branding

1. Create Your 2014 Elevator Pitch. Quit stammering over what you do when asked by a stranger at a cocktail party. Spend 10 minutes to craft your personal value proposition with a 3-line inside-book-cover synopsis of the story of you! If you can articulate your value proposition in an elevator pitch, then you can easily create a compelling LinkedIn and Twitter profile.

For example, my elevator pitch is: People are changing the way they find, consider and buy software solutions. They’re using social media, like blogs, Twitter, and YouTube to help make their decisions. I have the privilege of working with our sales and marketing organization, to use social media to connect our products and services with our customers and their customers terms to improve their lives and help the world run better.

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