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Case Study: Cybersecurity

Cybereason (, a very cool cybersecurity startup, visually displays big data analytics for security analysts. The company was founded by CEO Lior Div, who was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor for his work leading an elite team from Unit 8200, Israel’s Intelligence Corps, with deep hands-on experience defending against the world’s best hackers. This experience has made Lior one of the foremost authorities on understanding the hacker mindset — how hackers and their teams act, how they proactively adapt and penetrate an enterprise, and what strategies and tactics they employ.

Lior and his team of elite ex-military intelligence agents at Cybereason have taken their intimate knowledge of this hacker mindset and embedded it into an advanced platform that gives CISOs and security analysts an effective way to automatically detect a hacker’s actions and intentions in real time through continuous monitoring of systems across the enterprise.

Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company is now headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and well on the way to establishing a name for itself in detecting Malops™ to visualize and terminate cyberattacks. 

The Challenge: Cybereason’s CMO Mark Taber engaged TECHMarket immediately, having worked with our firm before as president of Active Endpoints, prior to its acquisition by Informatica. He asked us to launch Cybereason with maximum buzz, excitement and visibility. Expectations: 5 briefings and 5 articles. There were many challenges:

  • Major attacks and NSA/Snowden elevated the already hot cybersecurity market.
  • The competition for press attention was fierce with 30+ early-funded contenders.
  • Initial funding was nominal ($4M) in comparison to competitors in the market.
  • Regardless of its unique selling proposition, Cybereason marketing sounded like everyone else’s.
  • Founders spoke English as a second language and were moving to the U.S. from Israel at launch.
  • Cybereason had no customers, no website, no video, no content and a moving launch date.

The Solution: Quickly, TECHMarket moved into action to solidify the news at hand: company + launch. We decided to hold the product platform for a future launch. After shuffling through several different pitch angles, we settled on pitching the expertise of Lior and his team, establishing them first as sources for understanding the hacker mindset and dissecting major cyberattacks on enterprises. It worked! Simultaneously, Cybereason launched a very cool video, website, graphics and a cool founders’ photo too. TECHMarket set up its social media channels as well as helped Cybereason write some of its initial launch blogs. It was a clean, compelling package and exemplified a perfect collaborative team effort. Key to the launch success: 1) market timing, 2) tenacious pitching, 3) founders expertise, and 4) graphics cool factor.

The Results: TECHMarket and Cybereason exceeded all expectations with 26 briefings and feature placements, most of which landed in top-tier publications: Bloomberg, Businessweek, Boston Business, BostonInno, CIO Insight, CNN Money, Dark Reading, Dow Jones, Executive Business, Forbes, Fortune, GigaOm,Globes,IT World, Network World, NPR, PandoDaily,SiliconANGLE, TechCrunch, The Register,,, VentureBeat, Venture Capital Post, WIRED and Xconomy.

Following the launch, Cybereason gained the attention and interest of the top investment firms in Silicon Valley and eventually a significant investment by Softbank. The established media relationships also positioned Lior as an authority on cybercrime, resulting in a Forbes print cover photo, opinion on Heartbleed in Reuters, opinion on Sony hack in SecurityWeek, a contributed feature story on Iron Dome in International Business Times, and multiple placements of thought leadership articles in Forbes and other industry publications.