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Case Study: DevOps/Open Source




Sonatype ( is a DevOps powerhouse in the security of software components with the largest repository of open source projects in the world. Their story is simple, but their customers’ challenges are complex. Enterprises are using a multitude of software components, often open source, to build and run applications. However, there are often few controls around the versioning of these components. To make their point, they ask the question: What if Toyota allowed its factory workers to use any version of a muffler when they assembled a car? Disaster. Shouldn’t enterprises have the same “bill of materials” for software applications? As such, Sonatype promotes controls throughout the software supply chain to secure software development and the overall management of software component

Sonatype’s executive marketing team had worked with TECHMarket at Software AG (a global digital business company with headquarters in Germany). They engaged with us to jumpstart Sonatype’s Social Media Program but, more importantly, also to mastermind their Content Marketing Syndication Program, which was unchartered territory. Both amplify content, but in different ways.

The Challenge: The Sonatype marketing department is prolific, but they were not getting the reach or visibility for their content assets beyond the Sonatype blog and a few communities. They lacked systems and processes to consistently publish on a scalable basis. In addition, they were not getting exposure in important security, DevOps and IT publications.

The Solution: TECHMarket had a vision, quickly moved into action autonomously, and was fully operational within weeks, according to our proposed Content Marketing Syndication plan. Within the first month, we built the infrastructure by identifying nearly 100 publications for syndication, set up company accounts, began establishing relationships, and started publishing. Simultaneously, the vice president and DevOps advocate writes blogs and conducts video interviews, all of which are channeled to TECHMarket for syndication.

Sonatype then contracted with TECHMarket to surgically place original content in key publications.

In these cases, we provide strategic counsel to the author. We then pitch, secure commitments, and work with publication editors to facilitate the review, editing and approval of the articles. Each article takes approximately one month from publication review to publishing.

The Results: From the first month of service and while building out the infrastructure, TECHMarket achieved the client’s goal of syndicating three articles. Within the second month, we expanded the target channels and syndicated six articles. By the third month, the marketing department was pumping out volumes of content, and our program grew exponentially with 12 articles syndicated. And this month, we have already syndicated 30 articles.

Placements of original content in key publications have already exceeded our quota of two article placements per quarter. InfoQ, a highly respected technical portal for developers, published the first article: The second article was accepted by Dark Reading, and to the delight of Sonatype, we were able to turn it into two articles:

TECHMarket amplified the articles on all social media channels as well as initiated a program called “Social in 60 Seconds” that makes it easy for employees, friends and family to further extend the reach of these articles. Finally, these articles were syndicated across several publications and communities over the following months.