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JakeSorofmanTECHMarket is a game-changer. The team has delivered an inspired combination of creativity, infrastructure and sheer work ethic that is unlike any agency I’ve worked with over the course of my career.

Jake Sorofman, CMO, rPath



S VembuAt Zoho Corp., the customer sits at the center of the world. We’ve worked with larger, more traditional firms, but they simply didn’t share our vision and passion. We were looking for someone who understands our culture, someone like us — small, aggressive and wants to make a difference.

Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO, Zoho Corp.


john-h-capobiancoOne word sums up TECHMarket – passionate. They are not just doing a job, they are living the life of our clients, working as an extension of us with a dedication to excellence that is evident in everything they do. In practice, their dedication is demonstrated in absolute follow-through and complete attention to detail.

John Capobianco, founder, Kickstart Partner


richard-petersenAs we prepared for our launch announcement, our new friends at TECHMarket deserve mention, not just for being so hard working, but also for being so smart, honest and easy to work with. If you’ve worked with public relations firms, you know what we mean. Susan and her team deserve our thanks and praise.

Rich Petersen, VP of marketing, FlashSoft


ted-sanfordI just wanted to take a moment and thank you personally for the outstanding work you and your team did on behalf of FlashSoft. TECHMarket put us on the map. We became the unquestioned thought leader and received extraordinary coverage for such a small company. We were truly the mouse that roared.

Ted Sanford, founder and CEO, FlashSoft


BobBickelTECHMarket Communications is quite simply the best. They have forged strong relationships with the press and analyst communities by blending aggressive, proactive promotion with creative, knowledgeable pitches. By refusing to push trivial releases, they have earned a high level of respect and trust among editors.

Bob Bickel, chairman of the board, eXo


Robert Capobianco_Portico Systems 3-11 croppedPortico always thought about content at an opportunistic level, but TECHMarket helped us tell our story in terms of a content plan. TECHMarket is excellent at turning a paragraph into a page, into a brief, into a white paper, and then into an eBook. They helped me think about content independent of activity, and that’s a fundamental shift for anyone that wants to think more strategically in marketing.

Robert Capobianco, director of marketing, Portico/McKesson